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Web stuff gets me excited.

I create, shape, and build new ideas from the ground up or run with the ideas that are given to me.

I incorporate new technology when possible with each project, rather than relying on what is comfortable.

I wear many hats. Sometimes I am a software architect; sometimes a full stack developer; sometimes a system administrator; sometimes all of them at once.

Most of my recent focus has been on javascript related frameworks / platforms such as node.js, express, angular, etc.

I can and will learn anything I need to succeed.

Things I've Done

A little of this and that.

Trading Platform

Software Architect

Trading Platform

Software Architect


Software Architect


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Mention about my work


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  • September 2013 - March 2015

    Software Architect @ Hypewizard

    Created social media advertising platform for the purpose of coordinating safe transactions between advertisers and social network users.

    Developed various algorithms for matching social network users with most relevant advertisers and vis-à-vis.

    Integrated digital currencies as a means of fast, seamless micro-payments users.

    Escrow-type solution created to guarantee payment upon fulfillment of contractual agreement between users.

    Serve as expert in design and application development as well as configuration of all necessary hardware / software required for development and deployment.

    Node.js, Express, Ruby on Rails, NGINX/Unicorn, Postgres, MySQL, Sequelize ORM, MongoDB.

  • March 2014 - January 2015

    Software Architect @ Qollage Pte. Ltd.

    Served as expert in design and application development for digital currency exchange front-end, back-end, order matching system, API server, and wallet system.

    Responsible for overall system design for several web applications, databases, operating system environments, continuous integration and deployment methods across many cloud / non-cloud servers.

    Oversaw all code development and maintained code compliance / standards.

    Served as the central point of contact regarding any technological details of project as well as determining future projected goals and timelines.

    Provided overall business and/or technology overview as needed for prospective future partners, such as banks, investors, and trading firms.

    Node.js, Express, MySQL, NGINX, Bitcore, Jenkins, Chef, RabbitMQ / Zeromq (ØMQ), VMware ESXi/vSphere.

  • October 2012 - August 2013

    Android Developer @ Self

    Porting new devices released by manufacturers to Android Open Source Project code; removing customized manufacturer software and converting device to original Google code base.

    Reverse engineering manufacturer product builds for porting to AOSP / CyanogenMod through library/binary analysis, code review, extensive debugging, and through the use of tools such as: strace, logcat, ddms, gdb, etc.

    Android kernel development / driver rewrites necessary with new versions of Android or new device bring up; e.g. moving from Android 4.1.x to 4.2.x for LCD display, Audio, Calling, LEDs, Data, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc.

    Articles/videos have been written/produced regarding my work from various online sources; e.g.engadget,rootzwiki ,YouTube , etc. under pseudonym of drewx2

    Majority of code involved Objective C/C++ or Java.

  • 2001-2009

    CTO / Co-Founder @ NTIRA

    Oversaw development and use of complete end-to-end solutions for several vertical markets utilizing many web technologies, in-house developed CRM portal, SEO / SEM / PPC campaigns, strategic partnerships with similarly aligned products / services to improve ranking, managed mail servers and mail list management, in addition to writing all copy for client products, services, and email list content.

    Designed, implemented, and maintained web, database, mail server (~5000 users), mail list management (~100k-200k), and load balancing servers at colocation facility; supporting thousands of clients and their respective clients.

    Oversaw development/sales teams and served as project coordinator and creative idea cultivator: applying direction to both company and employee motivations.

    Collectively trained over 100 customer service representatives (cold-calling, sales/support) and technical staff (programmers and technical support).

    Developed employee training curriculums, incentive programs, and disciplinary protocols.

    Shared responsibility for financial record keeping and allocation of corporate funds.

    Shared responsibility for payroll distribution and monitoring.

    Responsible for equipment/supply ordering, shipping of materials and production of independent sales leads.

    PHP, AJAX, CSS, Java, C/C++, MySQL, MS SQL

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